AIMING LINE an imaginary line the player aims along to allow for the bias of the bowl
 Aiming point a point on the aiming line where the bowler focuses during delivery of the bowl
 Bank  the area above the ditch, not part of the green
 Bias refers to the shape of the bowl and its effect whereby the bowl will curve in its path to the side of the bowl’s bias
 Boundary pegs  white, orange or yellow poles, situated on the bank which indicate the boundary of each rink
 Centre Line line marked at each end of the rink indicating the middle of the rink. The mat is placed on the centre line. After being rolled, the jack is also straightened to rest on the line.
 Delivery  the action of rolling the bowl or jack
 Ditch  the gutter around the outside edge of the green, usually filled with sand or rubber pieces
 Draw shot  the standard shot where players aim to deliver their bowl as close as possible to the jack or a designated position
 End  each ‘end’ begins with the placement of the mat and the rolling/placement of the jack. The end concludes once all players have delivered all their bowls and the shots have been declared.
Grass  a reference is sometimes made to delivering the bowl wide enough, or with ‘enough grass’ to allow for the bias of the bowl.
 Green  the rectangular playing surface covered in grass or synthetic grass, between 31 and 40 metres long
 Head the group of bowls, including the jack that has come to rest within the boundary of the rink
 Heavy  when a bowl is unintentionally delivered beyond the target also refers to a slow green
 Jack  the small white or yellow unbiased ball which is the target for the game.
 Jack high  if a bowl is jack high it means it has reached a position whereby its nearest part is laterally aligned with the jack. Effectively it means the bowl and jack are level.
 Mat a non-slip area from where players must deliver their bowls, with some part of their foot on or over the mat upon their release
 Narrow  when a player has insufficiently allowed for the bias, the bowl will curve too far in front of the jack and finish wide of the mark. This is referred to as being ‘too narrow’.
 Plinth  the edge of the grass which meets the ditch
 Rink  the playing area for each game indicated by the boundary pegs. Usually a green is divided into 6 rinks
 Shot shot can have several meanings. The shot or shots are the number of points scored in an end. It can also mean the type of delivery, e.g. a drawing shot, and during an end, the bowl that is currently nearest the jack
 Toucher is a bowl that touches the jack and remains in play which is marked with spray/ chalk to signify it as being a toucher
 Weight  the amount of force applied to the bowl when delivered
 Widewhen a player has allowed too much for the bias, the bowl will curve behind the jack and finish wide of the mark. This is referred to as being ‘too wide’
 Worthing Pavilion Bowling Club thank WorldBowls for allowing us to reproduce Glossary of Terms from their web site