About the Bowls (The Woods)

Lawn bowls are not spherical; they are shaped on one side such that they follow a curved track to the jack. They carry a mark to indicate to which side the bias is  applied. The bowls can be delivered on the “forehand” or the “backhand” depending on the player’s preference or where bowls that have already been played are located.The curved path helps the player to find a way past bowls that have been delivered short of the jack. Note that bowls may travel outside the boundaries of the rink during their course as long as they come to rest within these boundaries.The players must stand on a rubber mat when delivering their bowl. The mat is placed on the centreline of the rink.The rinks are numbered 1 through 6 the numbers are on the bank at the centre of each rink and the boundaries of each rink are indicated by a white stripe on the bank. Players deliver their bowls from one end to another during an “end” then, when the end is complete; they turn around and play back again


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A potted history of bowls

Bowling artefacts found in tombs in Egypt

Reference can be found in both Roman and Greek times to a game similar to bowls

It is said bowls came to England with William the Conqueror

King Henry III bans bowls because his archers are being distracted by the game

Henry VIII discourages lawn bowls, associating the game with gambling

Sir Francis Drake insists on finishing his game of bowls before defeating the Spanish Armada

King Charles II, the Duke of York and the Duke of Buckingham draw up the earliest known laws

Glasgow solicitor William Mitchell draws up standard bowls code , these rules have changed very little since then Thomas Taylor of Glasgow constructs the first testing table regarding bias

England formed first association and with the help of WG Grace, the English cricket player who also became the English Bowling Association’s (EBA) first president.         

 1960’s World Bowls Championship introduced

1972 Second World Bowls held in Worthing, United Kingdom

Fuller history can be found



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